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Les Viandes du Breton inc.

Founded in 1987 following the acquisition of a small slaughterhouse in Témiscouata, Les Viandes du Breton has become a major actor in the agri-food sector. Modern facilities, a dedicated team and the ongoing determination to offer quality products through responsible farming: this forms the basis of the company’s guiding principles.

Today, Les Viandes du Breton is the North American leader in the market for specialty pork products. Our company was the first in the North American pork industry to be awarded Certified Humane Raised and Handled® status by Humane Farm Animal Care. Fresh and processed natural and organic products are sold under the duBreton name throughout North America.


Les Spécialités Prodal (1975) Ltée

Created through an acquisition in 2002, Les Spécialités Prodal is one of the company divisions responsible for secondary meat processing to make deli meats and other products. Les Spécialités Prodal is positioned as an industry leader in Eastern Canada. Under a series of brands including Paysan, duBreton and Au Petit Goret, Les Spécialités Prodal offers a broad range of high-quality products made from selected healthful ingredients and produced following strict work methods.


North Country Smokehouse inc.

The latest addition to the portfolio of companies operated by the Breton family, Butcher Block, has earned a high reputation in the United States for the smoked deli meats it markets under the North Country Smokehouse name. North Country Smokehouse products are created using traditional techniques with a focus on detail and uncompromising quality. Sought by respected chefs throughout the company’s market region, North Country Smokehouse deli meats are renowned for their unique flavour and the meticulous selection of their ingredients.