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Who are we?

Breton Tradition 1944 is a company active in the agricultural and agri-food sectors since 1944. From livestock feed to ready-to-eat foods, from pig farming to meat processing, Breton Tradition 1944 and its subsidiaries have developed unparalleled expertise in their various areas of specialization. This innovative know-how has made us the North American leaders in natural and organic pork production.

Breton Tradition 1944 continues to innovate and to develop different, more effective, approaches to farming with a focus on respect for animals, people and the environment. Committed to maintaining the integrated production of natural and organic products and led by the third generation of the Breton family, the company upholds the tradition started by family patriarch Napoléon of looking to the future and staying ahead of trends.

Our history

In 1944, a hardworking farming couple decided to start up a business to sell products they would serve themselves. Seventy years later and after a series of acquisitions and reorganizations, the general store that Napoléon Breton and Adrienne Vallières opened has grown into one of the most highly regarded agri-food companies in Quebec.

Development of its four divisions – Les Aliments Breton Fermes et Meuneries, Les Viandes du Breton, Les Spécialités Prodal and North Country Smokehouse – over the years has positioned the company today to offer products and services corresponding to its core values and its vision of modern agriculture.

1944Napoleon Breton and Adrienne Vallieres bought the general store in Saint-Bernard
1987Acquisition of Témis Slaughterhouse in Notre-Dame-du-Lac
2003duBreton plant in Rivière-du-Loup

Our values

Tradition: Using today’s leading technologies, our teams strive to improve farming and food production methods while continuing to uphold traditional values.

Excellence: Quality has always been the main focus of the Breton family and our employees. Our unique know-how has guided our diligent, uncompromising efforts to embrace alternative approaches, and our philosophy has inspired excellence.

Passion: Believing in what we do, finding inspiration in our love for our work and striving to develop and refine our practices are values that continue to guide us on all levels of our organization.

Our Mission: Improve people’s day-to-day lives through our agri-food products.

Our Vision: For some people, natural and organic farming is a passing trend; for us, it has become a way of life. We have done everything possible to structure our operations with a single, common purpose: to promote widespread adoption of responsible approaches in the agricultural and food production industries.