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Shipping clerk by day, great romantic by night
DuBreton, stability for future projects! With a stable job and a signed collective agreement until 2021,
Kevin enjoys the best real life has to offer!
Expert industrial butcher, car superstar
DuBreton, means to live your passions! With access to internal training and advancement opportunities,
Caroline enjoys the best real life has to offer!
Team leader at the plant, proud dad on the field
DuBreton, ideal conditions for the family! With a stable schedule, excellent insurance programs and group RRSPs,
Steve enjoys the best real life has to offer!
Management pro, girls' weekend pro
DuBreton means peace of mind to relax! With access to training and advancement opportunities,
Elyane enjoys the best real life has to offer.
Attendant during the week, clan leader on the weekend
DuBreton, time to live your life! With a stable schedule and excellent group insurance and RRSP programs,
Jacques enjoys the best real life has to offer.
Labourer by day, wrestler by night
DuBreton means free time to have fun! With a fixed schedule, a four-and-a-half-day work week and a good salary,
Sébastien enjoys the best real life has to offer.

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real life
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At duBreton, the real life is lived by real people. In this video, you will see how our employees live their real life through their work and their passion.

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By promoting pride, respect, and excellence, duBreton became, in the last 15 years, the North American leader in organic and Certified Humane® pork. If you also want the best of the real life, take a look at our advantages and our job opportunities in Rivière-du-Loup.

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I bulk up my arms at the gym, thanks to my boss. DuBreton offers a physical activity repayment program.
Someone here cracks me up. DuBreton offers an in-house chiropractic service.
Friday afternoon is me time. DuBreton offers Friday afternoons off.
My new teeth shine as bright as the mags on my car. DuBreton offers excellent group insurance (medical and dental care).

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